• Diwali Bazaars in Delhi – Exploring Purani Dilli

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    Guest Post and Text by Ayandrali Dutta, an active DelhiByFoot community member. This post originally appeared in the Times of India online blog of TimesCity here.

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    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dilli
    With Diwali just round the corner, city markets were buzzing with action. Delhi’s streets were witnessing choc-a-bloc traffic. In tune with the Diwali spirit, IndiaByFoot organized a walk Dariba-Kinari Diwali Raunaq: A Shopping Exploration in Chandni Chowk. And I geared up to explore these crowded markets.As we navigated the chaotic bylanes of Shahjahanabad (Delhi-6) and made our way to the mad frenzy glitzy bazaars, we found some of the best deals in the market. Beautiful artwork, diyas, crackers, handicrafts, and decorative items – you name it and it was there.Firecrackers, Sadar Bazaar:

    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dilli

    In Sadar Bazaar, the markets are flooded with varieties of firecrackers

    Sadar Bazaar’s fame lies in being Delhi’s biggest cracker market. Age-old shops stock up Kalisawari Fireworks (Cock brand) and Standard Fireworks where you find all kinds of crackers right from chakris, anaars, phooljhadi’s to everything that is latest, all at reasonable prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket – literally. Other than these, one can also spot multiple makeshift shops near Sadar Bazaar railway station and more than two dozen shops just behind the majestic Jama Masjid. A bag full of crackers with a mix of all varieties might just cost around Rs 700-Rs1000

    Gifts Galore, Dariba Kalan to Kinari Bazaar:

    The narrow lanes of old Delhi were super crowded as the bazaars buzzed in Diwali madness with everything from earthen diyas to figurines of gods and goddesses and candles to household decoration items to pick from.

    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dill

    Diwali Special Gift: 24K Gold Plated Playing Cards

    Diwali is all about lovely gifts and these gold plated playing cards priced at Rs 400 are sure to make heads turn. The pack claims that the cards are made of 24 carat gold dust and they come with an authenticity certificate too!

    Silver jewellery and Artifacts

    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dill

    Silver idols of Lakshmi-Ganesh or Radha-Krishna are quite popular during Diwali

    If you are looking for some silver artifacts then Dariba Kalan in Old Delhi is the place. This ancient market, Delhi’s jewellery ‘adda’, is full of options.

    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dill

    A silver jewellery shop in Dariba Kalan

    Dariba Kalan literally translates to ‘the street of the incomparable pearl’. This place was the trade hub for pearls and rare gem stones. Once here you are going to be spoilt for choice. Economically priced, the shops here offer hefty discounts on jewellery during the festive period.

    Clay idols

    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dill

    Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped as they bring peace and prosperity

    Craftsmen, few of them selling their wares all the way from Kolkata can be seen selling clay idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh.

    Home décor – Art and Craft

    Kinari Bazaar, Delhi’s wholesale hub for designer home-decor and wedding paraphernalia is also primed and prepped during the festive season. Shops are seen lined up with candles, lampshades, decorative items, designer gift boxes, paper craft and various other items of home décor and accessories.

    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dill

    In this mid-17th century bazaar, one can pick up unique stuff like stonework, gold/silver jewellery, accessories, garlands, borders- embellishments and more. It’s an ideal place for shopaholics.

    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dill

    Kinari Bazar shops carry a wide variety of festive decorations and innovative Diwali lamps and lighting accessories

    A final shopping tip: Stay alert, follow the crowd and you will find what you seek in this land of festive cheer and discounted prices!

    Diwali Bazars in Purani Dill

    Ramit Mitra, founder of DelhiByFoot not just guided us around the best bargains in the nearly 400 yrs old Bazaars, but also threw light on the heritage aspects of this Mughal-era Bazaars as we shopped

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