Revolt of 1857 – India’s 1st War of Independence & Siege of Delhi

Kashmere Gate walls which show where Cannon balls have left a mark from the assault of 12-14th sept 1857WHAT: 10th May 1857. A mass mutiny by a garrison of native Indian Sepoys (soldiers) of the British East India Company in the dusty little town of Meerut near Delhi threw the country into turmoil, and thus began the 1st Indian War of Independence.  The revolt soon spread like wild-fire across the Northern parts of India and Shahjahanabad (modern-day Old Delhi) the capital of the crumbling, almost non-existent Mughal Empire was thrust into prominence. The old and ailing Mughal king, Bahadur Shah Zafar II residing in Delhi’s Lal Quilla had suddenly become the unwilling rallying point for the mutineers & civilian uprising. The battle-cry of ‘Dilli Chalo’ was uttered & repeated by thousands of Indian soldiers of the ‘Company’ across regions and Delhi, became virtually synonymous to the control that the ‘Company’ or the ‘Indian Mutineers’ had over the country. For almost 15 months hard & violent battles were fought, but finally the British East India Company using advanced western arms & ammunition and a far better organized army quelled the ‘Mutiny of 1857’.

ATTRACTIONS: DelhiByFoot gives you the opportunity to explore some of the strategically significant spots related to the Mutiny on Delhi’s northern ridge & Kashmiri Gate area and and learn why Delhi or Shahjahanabad as it was known then, was of such importance to both the Indian ‘Mutineers’ and the English ‘Company Soldiers’. The walk covers one of Delhi’s major fort entrances which saw pitched fighting, positions from where both sides bombarded each other, a memorial erected in the honour of the British & Indian (supporters of the English army) soldiers who lost their lives defending & re-taking control of the city, one of Delhi’s oldest surviving active Church and the Nicholson cemetery.

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: Morning 7AM onwards


STARTING POINT: Kashmiri Gate Metro Station (McDonalds inside or outside the metro station, depending on your mode of transportation)

BEST WAY TO REACH: Take the Metro till Kashmiri Gate Metro Station on the Yellow Line (Gurgaon-Jahangirpuri Track)


1-      Do wear a good pair of walking shoes or comfortable flip-flops.

2-      Sun-shades/Rain-shades depending upon weather


1-      Bi-Lingual exploration leaders and facilitators.

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