Homecoming on Durga Puja

Delhi’s Pujos through the eyes of a Dilliwaali

Guest post and pictures by Jayati Ghose, an active DelhiByFoot community member. (Additional pictures by Ramit Mitra

Jayati is a writer and journalist, who has been penning short stories for many years, specialising in ‘Thriller’s! Her recent ‘obsession’ includes a random exploration of the city she proudly calls home – Delhi, through her blog www.ginovertonic.com.
Pushpanjali (offering of flowers to a deity) and prasad (food offered to gods) at a 100 year old puja followed by every Bong’s favourite food – biryani. Then hopping on to the metro and an electric rickshaw to see a Tibetan thangka inspired puja where the goddess is adorned in rich royal shades of purple, this Durga puja I am a tourist in my own city!

I am not a foreigner to the city or the festival, but for today I am being taken through the riotous, boistorous festivity of Durga Puja by Ramit Mitra (founder of DelhiByFoot which conducts heritage and food walks within the walls of India’s capital for curious explorers), and as I pretend to be a tourist, I get the audacity to exclaim at the sweetness of a labangalatika (a common fried Bengali sweetmeat), the fragrance of the dhoop (incense) and the frenzy of the dhaak (drums).

Picture 596

It is said that if you rush through life, you end of missing out on some great experiences. While that may be true, in my case any rushed or unplanned expedition has always turned out to be a great event.

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