• Who We Are


    We are die-hard ghoomakars of Delhi or as our friends call us, ‘pacca Dilliwallahs.’ We can often be found lying on grassy lawns staring up at old monuments, giving a whole new meaning to the words “getting a new perspective” of Delhi! Over the last decade, we have meandered the streets and through the pages of history, peeled off layers of this marvellous city and deciphered its splendours and shadows – historically/ chronologically/ randomly with all its madness, colours and flavours – and then we decided this bliss must be shared…and so was born…DelhiByFoot!

    IMG_9376-001Ramit, a co-founder, is a true-blue Dilliwallah who loves to gorge on all that Delhi has to offer. He was always passionate about three things- people, history, food; and Delhi amply rewards him in all three aspects! As a photography enthusiast, it is the cultural heritage of a place and its people that intrigues him the most. No wonder he combined his loves to create DelhiByFoot! With a successful stint of 10 years in the corporate world behind him in diverse industries of Telecom, Advertising, Publishing and Event Management, he has finally figured out that exploring Delhi in all its moods, helps him maintain sanity in his life!                                                                                                                                         

    Jaya Iyer, a co-founder, is also the CFO (Chief Fun-in-learning Officer!!!) of DelhiByFoot, leading all our special Educational Workshops/Projects and Heritage Conservation initiatives. Jaya’s life is a journey exploring the warp & weft of the world of art, social development and ecological integrity through theatre, education, social action, organizational development, self-work and spirituality. In her various avatars she has been a  CEO of  a medium sized non-profit,  foot soldier of a farmers’ movement, a faculty in Delhi University, creator, actor and director of over 300 street-plays and several award winning stage productions, a trained dancer and a Kalaripayattu martial artist. Another pacca Dilliwallah, her love-affair with Delhi knows no bounds and has manifested in form of being one of the earliest and most active organisers of heritage and nature walking experience in Delhi over the past 16 years.

    Ayushman Choudhary has over twelve years of experience in working with leading environmental NGOs and bilateral organisations. He has worked on sustainability issues and with young people for several leading Indian and International organisations. His expertise includes programme design and implementation based on outdoor activity-based learning, developing resource material, heritage research and documentation. His love for travelling has given him opportunities to regularly write about his experiences for travel websites, having also written extensively for the Outlook Delhi Travel Guidebook in the past.

    Mohammad Mehtab is a 7th generation Delhiwallah he has grown up in the narrow alleys and mohallas (enclosed housing localities) of the ‘Walled City of Shahjahanabad’- Delhi’s 7th city, popularly which is known as ‘Old Delhi’, built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in the mid-17th century. His childhood inquisitiveness and keen interest in the ‘Walled City’ are now proving helpful for us,as invests his time equally in the conservation of the historical and cultural legacy of this area and is actively involved in the development of the community both as an activist and also as part of India’s youngest political party AAP.


    Mariyam Siddiqui, our newest and youngest team-member believes that magic can be woven through words. Inspired from her mother, a teacher, whose oratory skills of story telling as means  of teaching fascinated Mariyam from childhood, she has over the last three years been nurturing her own story-narration skills. She believes with a strong foundation of academic research, she will be able to do her but in preserving the age-old traditions of ‘oral history’. And to keep indulging in this passion of telling tales, she has held positions of responsibility in her college heritage society ‘CHRONO’ and has thereafter worked with heritage/cultural organisations handling various educational and tourism oriented projects in the past. A true-blue Delhiite who loves a good story and being a self-professed foodie who often puts pen to paper, to take her knowledge into the public domain, it’s her firm belief that life is meant to be a spectacular adventure, that cuts across, the yesterdays, todays and tomorrows of this world.


    Mansi Thapliyal is a young, 30-year old artist and freelance photo-journalist and documentary photographer, having worked for Reuters and BBC in the past, an avid history enthusiast and also an accomplished dancer and theatre performer. She is from the holy city of Rishikesh, but has made Delhi her home since the past 11years. She has had a diverse amount of exposure around India during her photography projects, having stayed & worked in Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai & Amritsar. She is currently also pursuing her M.A. in Performance Arts from Delhi’s prestigious university, Ambedkar University. Check out her work HERE


    IMG_2169Prashanth Vishwanathan leads all Photo-walks and Photo-expeditions organised by the DBF gang since inception. Apart from accompanying Ramit for random criss-crossing of Delhi, he also is a freelance photographer active in the field of news, documentary and daily life, using both mediums of photography and videography with equal ease. His work has been featured in leading newspapers, magazines, websites and other publications worldwide, a selection of which can be seen on here.