Who We Are


A die-hard ghoomakars of Delhi or as friends call me, ‘pacca Dilliwallah’, who  can often be found lying on grassy lawns staring up at old monuments, giving a whole new meaning to the words “getting a new perspective” of Delhi! Over the last decade, I have meandered the streets and through the pages of history, peeled off layers of this marvellous city and deciphered its splendours and shadows – historically/ chronologically/ randomly with all its madness, colours and flavours – and the decided this bliss must be shared…and so was born…DelhiByFoot!

RAMIT MITRA, a co-founder, is a true-blue Dilliwallah who loves to gorge on all that Delhi has to offer. He was always passionate about three things- people, history, food; and Delhi amply rewards him in all three aspects! As an amateur photography enthusiast, it is the eagerness to see, learn and document history, built and natural heritage, cultural heritage of a place and its people that triggers his spirit of enquiry and the insatiable thirst to know about all things, that he can! No wonder he combined his loves to create DelhiByFoot! With a successful stint of 11 years in the corporate world behind him in diverse industries of Telecom, Advertising, Publishing and Event Management, he finally figured out that exploring Delhi in all its moods, helps him maintain sanity in his life!