Where have the sparrows of Delhi gone?


UPDATE on 16th Aug 2012: Its quite a coincidence that a few months back I wrote the post below, about the vanishing species of sparrows and today I see that finally the Delhi Government has woken up to the issue of conservation of Sparrows (full report).

I  grew up in Delhi in the 80’s and 90’s, a pair of sparrows would invariably build their nest in a narrow crevice in the wall of our apartment block. They would lay eggs, feed their young ones.  Since the last few months, I am trying to spot sparrows in neighborhoods of Delhi…I have not succeeded in spotting even one nor have I heard their chirping sounds. Pigeons,  Crow, Kites and other  birds are there as usual, but no sparrows to sight, not even in parks with a lot of trees, like Lodhi Gardens in central Delhi. I do not know about other neighborhoods of Delhi. But till two-three years back, I remember these birds flocking our balcony and many living on trees nearby. Now this common house bird is harder to see in the city. Does any one have a clue, where have all sparrows of Delhi DISAPPEARED?

A song from Rockstar movie suits the situation “Oh Nadaan Parindey Ghar aajaa”………..