Sufiyana Silsilas and Heritage in Nizamuddin Basti

Dargah Stitch2WHAT: Join DelhibyFoot to explore centuries-old Sufi traditions of music, qawwalis & shayari at Nizamuddin Basti (settlement), the home of Delhi’s most famous Sufi saint, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. History tells us that the people’s saint Hazrat Auliya witnessed the rise & fall of thirteen Sultans in the Delhi Sultanate era. These ancient alleys where every brick, cobblestone, house & dome is steeped in more than 700 years of history; Where the living & breathing Sufi symphonies of music, colors & spiritual healings teach us lessons of love, hope & co-existence…Meander lanes where the mundane and mystical blend seamlessly, jostle in crowds who sell kaftans & kebabs, flowers & fragrances. Murmur a silent prayer along with the ‘Qawwals’ (Sufi music singers) who mesmerise the audience with soulful Qawaalis on special evenings; Hear a thousand stories unravel as you gaze in awe at the architectural wonders of a bygone era!

ATTRACTIONS: We visit the ‘Urs Mahal’ where all the Dargah’s (mausoleum of a holy man) annual festivities are held and the ‘Chausanth Khamba’ (64-Pillared hall) made entirely of white marble. Know more about the world-renowned Urdu/Persian Shayar (Poet) Mirza Ghalib, for whom history says that ‘he was a great poet, but an infamous one!’ and hear stories of another great Poet, but of another era, Amir Khusrau. Gaze upon the hidden gem of a well-preserved Mughal architecture, Atgah Khan’s tomb, tucked away in the narrow alleys of Nizamuddin Basti and the 14th Century Baoli which caused the downfall of a city and its arrogant Sultan! We end our visit at the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, where lie Mazaar-e-Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and Mazaar-e-Hazrat Amir Khusrau (Tombs of the revered Khwaja and his disciple Khusrau) and numerous other unknown graves, and which forms the backdrop for Sufi musical performances by famous Qawaals (Singers of mystic Sufi verses) who sing Qawwalis in praise of the Holy Saint and the Almighty on certain specific occasions.

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: Evening 5PM onwards

DURATION & TOTAL WALKING DISTANCE: 2.5-3 Hours, 1 Km in a loop.

STARTING POINT: Police Station Gates, Humayun’s Tomb Roundabout, on Mathura Road (Google Maps: )

BEST WAY TO REACH: Take the Metro till Jor Bagh Metro Station on the Yellow Line (Gurgaon-Jahangirpuri Track) & then take an Autorickshaw (INR 50) via Lodi Road to the Humayun’s Tomb roundabout.

1- All participants should carry a covering for their heads, so be it caps, duppattas, scarves, handkerchiefs etc for entry to Dargah.
2- We are guests at a place which places a lot of importance on traditional & ancient customs, hence conservative clothes, especially for the ladies which cover their arms and legs is advised strongly.
3- Do wear a good pair of walking shoes or flip-flops.

1- Bi-Lingual exploration leaders and facilitators.

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  1. Interested. We are a family of four ( all adults) . We would like to do this tomorrow if possible. CAn i know the cost please??

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