Delhi Sultanate – A Journey Begins in 1206AD

Standing against backdrop of Qutub Minar inside Mehrauli Archeaological ParkWHAT: The year 1192AD saw Mohammad Ghori defeat Prithviraj Chauhan, the last Rajput ruler of Delhi and lay the foundations of the Delhi Sultanate. The period between 1206 AD and 1526AD in India’s history is known as the Delhi Sultanate period. During this period of over 300 years, five dynasties ruled in Delhi and established the supremacy of Islam in India as well. Mehrauli being the home of the Rajputs, logically became the first stronghold of the earliest Sultans of Delhi, namely the Mamluks or Slave Dynasty. The Slave dynasty Sultans brought in a series of sweeping changes in the panorama of Delhi adding the structures like the famed Qutub Minar, many grand mosques and the first Persian-style mausoleums.

ATTRACTIONS: Located on the highest points on the old Aravalli hills, Mehrauli is often referred to as the ‘Hill-station’ of Delhi, where till as late as the early 20th century, people used to come from all parts of Delhi during summers for picnics and family outings. Walk under leafy trees and enjoy nature at its best in the wild jungle-like environs of Mehrauli’s Archaelogical Park. We explore the beginnings of Islamic influences in the architectural landscape with a visit to the beautiful ruins of 13th century tombs and a magnificent Mosque. Even in peak summers a visit to the Baolis (Water Step-well) of Mehrauli is a refreshing experience. These three to four-storey deep subterranean step-wells provide a cooling atmosphere that can rival any AC running at full blast! We round off our explorations with learning about how the British East India company officers in the 19th century aimed to out-do the Mughal courts both in grandeur and political might by building summer resorts. Do note this walk does not cover Qutub Minar complex.

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: Morning or Evening

DURATION & TOTAL WALKING DISTANCE: 2.5-3 Hours, 1.5 Km in a loop.

STARTING POINT: Qutub Minar Ticket Counter (Google Maps: )

BEST WAY TO REACH: Take the Metro till Qutb Minar on the Yellow Line (Gurgaon-Jahangirpuri Track), cross to the other side of MG Road and then take an Auto-rickshaw (Rs 30) to the Qutub Minar Ticket counter.


1-  Do wear a good pair of walking shoes or comfortable flip-flops.

2-  Sun-shades/Rain-shades depending upon weather


1-   Bi-Lingual exploration leaders and facilitators.

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