Cultural Journeys through Delhi

Delhi sprawls over an immense period of time which has seen multiple invasions not only of empires but also cultural invasions which have been assimilated from around the world….

Theatre, dance, music (all kinds), cinema and film, stand-up comedy, art, sculpture, painting, religious events – you name it, Delhi performs it and has a festival to celebrate it. In recent times, Delhi has slowly and definitively snatched the title of being the ‘cultural hub’ of India from Mumbai! And boy oh boy are we proud about it and how!!

Delhi is the microcosm of culture, religious practices, traditional rituals and as the emerging focal point for many branches of  arts, music, food and design, it has left behind the rest of India in how it celebrates in style.  International fairs, carnivals surrounding the religious festivals of India, exhibitions, industry conferences, you name it, Delhi has an abundance of it.

Be it January when Delhi takes on the colors of the Indian Tri-colours to commemorate the ‘Republic’ or when flying kites with extra patriotic zeal is de rigueur for Delhizens on 15th August; Or when the city sways to the drumbeats of Lord Shiva helped on in a large measure with a touch of Lord Shiva’s ‘green nectar’ – Bhang as March with festivals of Shivaratri and Holi approaches; Or April when farmers thank Mother Nature for an abundant harvest and many communities celebrate the advent of their new year; Or October when Navratri fever hits Delhi or when the city turns out in its Red & Cozy best to welcome Santa Claus in December, a melange of celebrations can be seen spreading the kaleidoscope of colours around Delhi, as multiple communities in Delhi celebrate their lifestyles in their own unique ways.

Since DBF started sharing one Story of Delhi one step at a time with whomsoever is ready to listen(!!), as a Walking Tours & Experiences company, we have taken our avid explorers on many pioneering walks that highlight the cultural diversity in Delhi.  DBF’s specially crafted and curated experiences like lifestyle rituals, festivals and commemorative events have been the talk of the town!

Pioneering Iftaar Feast or Breaking of fast at Jama Masjid during holy month of Ramzaan; Special Independence Day Walk Event;  Ramleela Theatre extravaganza, Navratri Special Vegetarian Foods and Photowalk series; The Village of Raavan in Dilli (a visit to the semi-urban community that creates Raavan effigies) and Durga Puja Rituals and Pandals of Delhi; and the nearly 200 years-old celebration of Phoolwallon Ki Sair that celebrates religious harmony.

The ever-changing moods of this great city always keeps us on our toes, inspiring us to be on the on the lookout to keep increasing our ambit of such interesting and hidden lifestyle events in Delhi encompassing music, dance, art and literature that showcase an entirely new slice of Delhi!

Stay tuned to the DBF Frequencies!!

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