An Evening with Djinns of Delhi – Ferozshah Kotla Fort

Gateway of Jami Masjid inside Ferozshah Kotla fort

WHAT:  DBF will transport you to William Dalrymple’s City of Djinns, the shadowy and mysterious world of Sufis, Fakirs and unknown saints, the place where belief and spirituality challenge the limits of logical explanations, a place which is the last refuge for those who have given up on usual avenues of religious practice. Where devotees come and write letters to the Djinns of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, stick coins to the walls of the mosque, offer milk, sweets, fruits and even meats to the Djinns, all with the single objective of appeasing the ‘unhappy spirits’ and getting a long-cherished wish fulfilled! This Fort besides which once flowed the Yamuna River was the 5th city of Delhi, founded & built by Sultan Ferozshah Tughlaq in the latter half of 14th century AD, and which today lies forgotten adjacent to the famous Ferozshah Kotla Cricket Stadium.

ATTRACTIONS: The sprawling Ferozshah Kotla fort never ceases to amaze visitors with its numerous ruins of palace rooms, mosques, mysteries and peculiarities. Be it one of the largest mosques of the 14th century AD, a massive Ashokan-era stone pillar, a Baoli (Step-well) or cells beneath the building platforms, all of which give you the opportunity to get lost in this isolated oasis of peace amongst the hustle-bustle of the city that rushes around it.

BEST TIMES TO VISIT: Evening 4:30pm onwards

DURATION & TOTAL WALKING DISTANCE: 2.5 Hours, 1.5 Km in a loop.

STARTING POINT: Ticket Counter of Firozshah Kotla Fort

BEST WAY TO REACH: Nearest Metro Station is Pragati Maidan station, on Blue Line (Dwarka Track) and a 2-Km Auto-rickshaw ride will bring you to the Fort. Those driving in can easily park their vehicles as there is ample parking space in front of the Fort entry.


1- Do wear a good pair of walking shoes or comfortable flip-flops.
2- Sun-shades/Rain-shades depending upon weather

1- Bi-Lingual exploration leaders and facilitators.

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