Once upon a time Delhi had Appu Ghar…

Today I came across an article about the progress of the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) plans for the extension of the Indian Supreme Court in Delhi in the area, which once housed Appu Ghar . And nostalgia overtook me…

Do you people remember Appu Ghar? Man!! I can’t even imagine my childhood without one Appu Ghar visit every 3-4 months! The idea of having fun during my school days was picnics, Appu Ghar visits, reading tons of comics and playing a host of outdoor games like ‘chupan-chupaai’ (Hide ‘n’ Seek) and Vish-amrit’ (a touch and you are dead, Tag kinda game)….sadly enough, the current lot of young Dilliwalas would have little or no idea of what I am talking about…..

On reading the article, I rummaged through some of my old picture albums. The pictures and memories that struck me the most were those of dear old “Appu Ghar”. Appu Ghar was an oasis of happiness. The first place that we visited, when school exams got over and our last stop for enjoyment, especially to take along relatives who used to keep visiting us for ‘Dilli Bhraman’ as tourists to Delhi. And come what may, we never missed the opportunity of accompanying them to our land of joy- the Appu Ghar! The Mini Disneyland of Dilliwalas, the eerie tunnel, the bumping cars and the house of horrors frequently and specially during the summer vacations the Oyster Water park! It must have been more than 8 years since I had last visited the place, but its memories are vividly etched in my mind.
Then, the inevitable happened which is a common feature in fast-expanding cities like Delhi, where the old has to make place for new….the Supreme Court Staff’s parking woes forced the Delhi Government in all its wisdom, to close down Delhi’s one and only Children’s Amusement park…

Appu Ghar last opened its gates on February 18, 2008. Almost 5000 people visited the amusement park on that day to bid goodbye!

A new Appu Ghar apparently was to come up in Gurgaon and which will reportedly offer much more than the original one.
However can it ever replace the memories associated with the Appu Ghar of Pragati Maidan! Coz, we Dilliwalas will always miss our mini Disneyland near Pragati Maidan!!!