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Delhi is a vibrant city with a rich tapestry of history, art, culture, music, theatre and a literary heritage that rivals most cities of the world. It has over 2,500 years of history and has served as a giant melting pot of influences from around the world. It suffered numerous armed invasions, pestilences, wars, fires and looting.  Yet the city retained its 1300-year old fort walls and victory towers,  and has one of the world’s largest mosques, famous Mughal palaces, architectural remnants of British Raj grandeur which are coupled with the breath-taking modern wonders like the efficient Delhi Metro, F1 racing tracks, and the beautiful Lotus Temple.

Even though there is a lot of pomp, show and spectacle, Delhi has its share of intimate and hidden corners, dusty winding alleys, monumental ruins that are desolate in their own beautiful ways, museums and serene, jungle-like green spaces. Every turn brings you face-to-face with a new aspect of life as it is today or as it may have been once upon a time!

DelhiByFoot has been leading visitors and locals alike along the streets of India’s capital city, revealing the stories and the sites of this ancient city. Take in the experiences curated especially to give the local flavour which make Delhi unique in its own way. Hear the tales of eras gone by, feel the throbbing life that courses through the vein-like roads, as the city breathes, sleeps, wakes, dies and regenerates itself again and again.

Experience the Delhi just the way we have grown up with – passionate, at times confused, warmhearted, traditional, replete with many layers, some modern wonders, myriad experiences and a methodical madness; all of it and none of it alone! All we and you can do is, revel in its richness and enjoy the adventure!

A tour with us is bound to leave you with more than just beautiful pictures. You will leave with a slice of Delhi, taking back with you everlasting memories of the joyful, fun, wild, insightful, touristy and healing aspects of Delhi….

Our weekend walking tours require reservations, take place irrespective of rain, storm or sunshine and are open to all. Most of our walk routes are wheelchair accessible and we have great options for customised offerings here.

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