The Essence of Delhi By Foot

You get the gist….Delhi…lovers….foot… Needless to say we are always on foot, exploring Delhi’s heritage, traditional lifestyles, cultures, religions, the people and their foods, temples & mosques, learning, unlearning & re-learning about this ancient city of Dilli or Dhillika or Delhi as it has been variously known in the last 2500 years of recorded history which mentions the region in and around present-day Delhi. We promise you the cities charms…and a free! free! free! priceless by- product, losing all that extra flab that you may have piled on to your butt! But we guarantee that you will come away changed, when you participate in one of our walking tours in Delhi.

We shall tell you tales and anecdotes, amaze you with myths and urban legends. We will give you a great insight into the local lifestyle here, we pride ourselves on our local knowledge and the tours not only highlight the sites, heritage and stories of Delhi, but also provide you with insight into local events and things to do. Even if you yourself are a native you will be thrilled to re-discover Delhi.

In other words we help to immerse you in a ‘lived experience’ which allows you to savour the true essence of this big, bold and beautiful city. We trace the steps taken by this Dilli as it evolved from Indraprastha or Indarpat (c. 1400BC), as referred to in the Mahabharata, the great Sanskrit Epic story of ancient India, till the time the British Raj named it New Delhi, capital of Modern India in 1911. We showcase our beloved city so that you experience Delhi as you have never done before. We promise, nay guarantee to “sweep you off your foot”, so much so, that you will thrilled to “foot the bill” !

So come, join us. Let your feet walk, eyes see, heart feel and fingers click away, as you soak in the spirit of Delhi through all your senses and slowly transform into a true Delhiite or as we say in Hindi language ‘Pacca Dilli-Wallah’ whose heart hears and soul sees, and your memories spontaneously translate into words ‘Once upon a time it so happened in Delhi…..’


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