• Hola Mohalla 2013: Jo Bole So Nihal!

    by  • October 10, 2013 • Culture, Events, Heritage, Photography • 3 Comments

    Guest Post and Photographs by Priyanka Bhaskar, a DelhiByFoot community member about our first ‘Out-of-Delhi’ Event of 2013 done earlier in March.  Additional pictures by Ramit Mitra, founder of DelhiByFoot and organising leader of this 2-day trip. Priyanka is a true-blood travel and trekking enthusiast, having completed tough treks like Everest Base Camp (2013),...

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    “Pujo Aaschhey”- Cultural heritage explorations in Delhi’s ‘Mini Bengal’

    by  • September 25, 2013 • Culture, Food • 0 Comments

    Guest Post and Text by Vaishali Ahuja. Additional pictures with respective credits wherever applicable is given. It was my 3rd walk with DelhiByFoot and indeed just as pleasant as the other ones. The previous walks I participated in were more of historical heritage events while this one was a experience of the rich cultural heritage of...

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    An evening with the Ghosts of Mehrauli, Delhi

    by  • June 25, 2013 • Events, Nature • 12 Comments

    What do you say when the usual calm that you feel at a place turns to stillness of an eerie kind and the air itself seems unwelcoming, whispering us to leave?! It was 10PM on Saturday night, and we were sauntering in the woods around Mehrauli, just beyond the Qutub Minar Complex. The setting had the...

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    Shab-E-Baraat Celebrations in Dilli…

    by  • June 24, 2013 • Events, Heritage • 0 Comments

    Across the country today one of the most auspicious of Muslim festivals is being celebrated with a whole night of offering special prayers and reciting of the Quran, religious fervour and rituals and ‘Dua’ for ‘divine blessings’. Tonight is the auspicious 15th night of Shabaan, also called “Shab-e-Baraat”, that the Prophet Muhammad taught his disciples to...

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    Chhadeeyon ka Mela

    by  • April 26, 2013 • Events, General, Heritage • 2 Comments

    Guest Post by Ankita Goel Delhi is vast. It is a vibrant city, always on the move, thousands of people flocking to it daily. A mega-city surrounded by ‘bustling-at-their-seams’ suburbs. And amidst all the chaos, the teeming millions and the thousands visiting the city daily, the events creating political upheavals in our capital city we tend...

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